Real life…

OK, so I had every intention of writing this long elaborate post on self-care. It ain’t happen folks!!!! It’s been a week, like we are talking car caught fire ( literally) on the way to work kinda week!

Tuesday started out well enough, I even packed my lunch ( yeah, I know shouldn’t be a big deal but…. for me it’s a freakin miracle! It’s worth mentioning it was healthy too! Lol) No kids this week they were off at camp ( thankfully). I was to start training with a new client, which means a new anxious mom, no biggie I’ve done this before. I had time for devotionals, and MY music, no kids playlist. YAY! Let’s do this!

I head out the door with my bags, snazzy new royal blue scrubs( moisture wicking lol) and get gas, check the tires ( hubs would be so proud) and I’m off.. it’s an hour ride to work. I slam down my health shake, and granola bar jamming to my playlist.

Meanwhile, behind me a car is flashing their lights frantically at me and weaving in and out of traffic. I’ll be honest for a brief moment I thought, “omg there is a serial killer in my back seat trying to stab me!!” I’m not at all dramatic or anything 😉 Once I realized my backseat was void of any homicidal maniacs.. I went about my business to work. I will add my car was running fine, no check anything lights, smells, smoke, nada.

A few miles ahead at a stoplight and the worst possible part of town. Two men start screaming, ” YOUR CAR IS ON FIRE!! GET OUT !!GET OUT ITS ON FIRE!!” Billowing from my driver side wheel well is black smoke!!! I pull a few feet out of the intersection, turn off my car and bolt outta my smoldering car. Sure, enough my car had ignited. Awesome!!

Thankfully my friend was able to drive me home and the car was towed back to my hometown. The mechanic told me the calipers had seized up causing the fire. ” I just had my brakes done!!” I shouted in shock. Apparently, the parts were faulty, obviously!

My insurance covers fire damage, but not the faulty parts. *sigh I had a rental car dropped off and returned in less than 24hours time. Because, since my insurance company wasn’t covering the cost of the rental I was no longer a priority costumer and fell waaaaay to the bottom of the waiting list.. and still waiting.

Which meant the incredibly anxious mom I had to call Tuesday morning and reschedule with once I had a rental car, yeah, I had to call back and reschedule AGAIN!

So, self care this past week has been chocolate!! All.the.chocolate.

* I am very thankful that no one was hurt, and my kids were not with me. In the grand scheme of things this is minor and could have been much worse.*

Perhaps, the next blog will actually be on self-care.

Thanks for reading!!

Hi, I’m Jess!!!

Welcome to my blog I hope you will find it informative, and funny.

I have been working in health care for over 16 or so years, and want to share with you my experiences, tips, morbid sense of humor, and just random musings. *some names, and info will be changed in order to protect clients, maintain hippa and ethical guidelines*.

Just a little more about me, I am a nurse, but was an stna prior to becoming a nurse. I’m also a mother of some pretty amazing kiddos, crazy cat mom, want to be gardener ( I however do not have a green thumb), and I am currently a home health nurse working with pediatric clients. Best gig ever!!

Oh, and if you are wondering about the name… well my husband and I are avid music lovers! The title is meaningful to us on various levels, and I hope to share with you eventually.

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